No Such Thing as Bad Press, eh?

IPC experienced a test of the aphorism “there’s no such thing as bad press” this week with the complete mangling of our press release on the policy recommendations made to the Department of Defense on the PCB Executive Agent. A writer at Military and Aerospace Electronics misrepresented an IPC task force’s recommendations with the headline: “Electronics industry urges U.S. military to buy only American-made printed circuit boards.” Unfortunately, the article was not bylined and it appeared in a format that looked like one of our press releases. To aggravate the situation, there was no clear link to the actual policy recommendations and no attempt was made to contact IPC to comment.

In fact, the IPC policy recommendations discuss the critical issues facing the entire North American PCB supply chain with no calls for protectionism or “buy American.” While the IPC Board of Directors trade policy supports a fair, open and rules-based international trading system that provides for a level playing field, equitable competition, and market access, it recognizes that the pursuit of these objectives should not interfere with a nation’s right to ensure its defense. What the policy recommendations do is call into question is the effect on national security of current DoD procurement processes and awarding contracts to the lowest bidder.

Kudos to Steve DeCollibus at Circuitnet for highlighting this issue today after Circuitnet ran the Military and Aerospace Electronics story as its lead on Tuesday. And apologies to our Canadian friends and members who may have been offended by the inaccurate story.

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