This is the best time to have this trade show!

“This year of course, we are gathering in challenging times, in the midst of a crisis that is strangling economies and businesses around the globe. Some may say that this is the worst time for a big trade show like this, but they could not be more wrong. This is the best time to have this trade show, because in times of crisis, we can respond in one of two ways: we can sit back and complain and whine and resign ourselves to defeat, or you can stand up, challenge yourself and challenge everyone around you to work even harder.”
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at CeBIT 2009
See the video:

Amazing statistic from the spokesman for CeBIT in the video: 97% of attendees under 30 polled “could not live” without their cell phones; 35% could not live without their wives/partners! Is love dead?

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