IPC Capitol Hill Day

Capitol Hill Day on May 6-7, 2009, in Washington, DC (www.ipc.org/CHD) will be our largest and most important government relations event in years.  The recent transition of power in our government combined with the devastating global economic downturn makes attending this Capitol Hill Day extremely valuable.  When you participate in IPC’s Capitol Hill Day Event you will attend informational briefings by IPC staff on pending legislation affecting you business, visit your members of Congress, and engage in discussion with high level government officials at our special events.  The new administration has the support of Congress and will be implementing environmental, tax, intellectual property, and business related laws and regulations that can significantly help your business activities.  Informing lawmakers of your concerns can result in a vote that positively impact your business.  Inaction on your part can unintentionally result in imposing laws and regulations that harm your business.

Face to face lobbying of your lawmakers is an extremely effective way to express your concerns and influence legislation benefiting your business and the electronics industry.  IPC will make the day easy for you by arranging your appointments with your Senators, Representatives or their key staff members. IPC staff will brief you on the issues and provide you with the support materials necessary for a successful day of lobbying.  Your participation will ensure your legislators understand that your company and our industry have tremendous potential and remain crucial in rejuvenating the economy. 

For more information please visit www.ipc.org/CHD or contact Ron Chamrin, IPC manager of government relations, at RonChamrin@ipc.org or +1 703-522-0225.

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